Microground Chai Now Black

Over the past year, we at Tipu’s Chai have been hard at work behind the scenes to launch a new product, make some improvements to packaging and existing products as well as position ourselves for the specialty food retail market.  Our Microground Instant Chai has been wildly popular since we launched it in April 2010 and we wanted to create a “complete” product based on it.  The new product, just launched in January 2012, is a mixture of Microground Instant, organic evaporated cane juice and a creamy organic, non-GMO soy milk powder.  We put our heads together and dubbed it Tipu’s Chai Now, “All you need is water… and love”. http://www.shop.tipuschai.com/products/chai-now-black#/products/chai-now  Our brilliant designers then came up with a snazzy look for it. 
We have often thought that the name Microground Instant Chai was a little awkward so we decided to make it the sister product of the Chai Now and we renamed her Chai Now Black, “The Simple Life (add water + milk + sugar) http://www.shop.tipuschai.com/products/chai-now-black  She. has a sleek, new label and a pretty new bag but if you didn’t know the product was the same thing, you’d probably never know from the label.  So we want to get the word out!
In addition, we have switched to all organic spices for all of our products and we have also changed the packaging.  Much as we liked our old packages, they don’t stand up well on retail shelves so we have changed all of the packaging to an elegant, black “coffee bag” with a fold-over tin tie to reseal instead of the zip lock.  We think it not only looks beautiful but functions very well to keep our products fresher longer.  And it stands to attention very nicely! 
Other than that, the flavor is still the same (if anything it is much nicer and cleaner with the organic spices).  It is now hot AND cold water soluble so iced chai is even easier to make in the summertime.  We know that change is always hard but we hope our friends, fans and loyal customers will like what we are doing.  We hope you will not have any trouble recognizing the Chai Now Black as the Microground you already love.  And give the Chai Now a try sometime!
Remember to look us up on facebook, tweet about us and most of all, keep drinking your Tipu’s Chai!  We love feedback.  Please send it to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or post your comments to this blog.

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