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Note: Visit Tipu’s Booth (#983) during the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Exposition in Boston, MA, April 11th-14th, 2013.

Polson, Montana (April 2013) – In demonstration of continued commitment to sustainability, Tipu’s ® Chai recently launched their newest product, Tipu’s Chai Now ® Sweetened Chai Tea Blend (a.k.a. Sweet & Spicy).  Founder Bipin Patel and his team wanted to create a more environmentally-friendly concentrate for foodservice and retail outlets. This presented the challenge of finding a way to make liquid concentrate – without the liquid. “Liquid concentrate production and consumption generates huge amounts of plastic and non-biodegradable products, many of which end up in landfills,” says Patel.  “By shipping a liquid product, producers are essentially transporting water around the country.” 

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Tipu’s introduced Microground Instant Black Chai in 2010.  This dry blend of tea and spices gave them the opportunity to ship lighter, more efficient packaging rather than heavy bottles filled with liquid concentrate.  The Tipu’s team recently took this effort even further and developed a full quick brew line, Tipu’s Chai Now ™.  Sweet & Spicy, the newest product in the Chai Now line, directly replaces Tipu’s liquid concentrate, allowing café owners and baristas the ability to make their very own authentic chai concentrate in house.  All of the Chai Now products are made from Tipu’s original recipe and flavor profile, resulting in a consistently high quality Indian masala chai.

Eco-Goodness for Foodservice
Tipu’s Chai Now Sweet & Spicy Concentrate Mix gives baristas and café owners not only the benefit of knowing they’re doing their part to reduce non-recyclable waste, but also helps lower their shipping costs and storage needs in the process!  With their first order, foodservice outlets will receive two reusable quart bottles, making the transition from liquid concentrate to a dry mix simple and convenient.  Tipu’s Chai Now combines organic spices with high quality black Indian tea and organic evaporated cane juice and comes ready to mx in an easy-open packet. To make the liquid concentrate, simply pour the contents of one chai mix packet into a quart bottle and fill it half way with boiling water. Shake until thoroughly mixed, then fill the rest of the container with water. One quart of concentrate will make eight cups of chai. For a chai latte, simply use a 1:1 ratio of liquid concentrate and your choice of milk or milk substitute. CCOF certified organic, Kosher certified, and vegan, Sweet & Spicy is available for food service operators in cases of 12 5.6-ounce packets.

Chai Recipe Crosses Continents
When Bipin Patel’s grandmother moved to Uganda from her native Gujarat, India to raise her family, she brought along her treasured chai recipe. During Patel’s childhood in eastern Africa, he learned to cook native Indian cuisine from his grandmother and enjoyed the chai’s rich flavor. Later, he moved to England and then to Montana in 1997, where he founded a popular Indian restaurant.  Along with the exotic cuisine, he began to serve Tipu’s Chai, which quickly became a favorite menu item. 
  Before long, the chai was in high demand outside of the restaurant as well.  Bipin started brewing larger batches of chai and selling it to other local restaurants, businesses and coffee shops.  Then in 2007, Bipin sold the restaurant to focus his efforts on sharing his grandmother’s special recipe with the world.
Today, Tipu’s Chai stands apart as a fresh, bold alternative to coffee, tea, and American chai.  They blend their own mix of organic spices and high quality Indian tea to create a comforting balance of spiciness and depth.  Tipu’s uses only the highest quality natural ingredients – never any chemical additives or artificial flavorings.  Their facility is certified for both Kosher and Organic production.

Tipu’s Chai products are sold in select cafes, restaurants and gourmet retailers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, as well as online at For m.ore information, call 1-888-506-Chai (2424). Follow us on Twitter @Tipuschai and on Facebook at Tipu’s Chai.

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Heather visted Zulu Nyala Game Lodge in South Africa, she gave on sachet of Tipu’s Chai now, what a wonderfull tea, excellent flavour,it makes you have more.

Marcus Perumal
South Africa

Posted by Marcus Perumal at April 17 2013

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