Polson, Montana (September 2012) — Tipu’s Chai, the Montana-based company offering a bold and refreshing alternative to coffee, tea and American chai, will bring spiced goodness to Natural Products Expo East, September 20-22 in Baltimore, MD with the launch of its newest line of tea blends: Tipu’s Chai Now™. The new quick brew products make drinking authentic Indian chai at home (or on the road or hiking trail) easy and convenient. “We use organic ingredients including organic non-GMO soy milk powder to make the quick brew products a healthy and natural beverage option,” says Tipu’s Chai founder Bipin Patel. “The organic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom are specially blended in-house to create the rich, spicy and robust flavor.” Because the products are soluble in cold water, Chai Now also makes a refreshing iced chai beverage. Tipu’s Chai Now™ products are available in select cafés, restaurants and gourmet retailers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, and online at www.tipuschai.com. Visitors to Natural Products Expo East can sample the bold and authentic flavor of Tipu’s Chai at the Made in Montana booth #556.

A Chai for Every Palate
Tipu’s Chai offers a variety of quick brew chai products for chai lovers on the go or even relaxing at home. All the products are made without added chemicals and include high-quality Indian tea and all natural ingredients. “We were inspired to create the new quick brew product line after talking to our customers who wanted our authentic Indian chai without the long brewing process,” says Patel. The Chai Now product line includes:
Tipu's Chai Now family
Tipu’s Chai Now™ All You Need is Water: This quick brew chai tea latte blend is made with high-quality black tea, organic spices, organic non-GMO soy milk powder, organic evaporated cane juice and ginger. This product is also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, certified kosher and includes four grams of protein per serving. Chai fans simply need to add hot (or cold) water for a chai tea latte on the go. (SRP $10.95, 12-ounces, makes 10 servings)

Tipu’s Chai Now™ Sweet & Spicy: The newest product is sweetened and spiced just right and simply needs boiling water and your choice of milk, almond milk, soy or another milk substitute for a creamy cup of chai. The Sweet & Spicy sweetened chai tea blend is made with high-quality black tea, organic spices, organic evaporated cane juice and ginger for a healthy dose of authentic chai. (SRP $10.95, 8.4 ounces, makes 12 servings)

Tipu’s Chai Now™ The Simple Life: Formerly loved as Microground Black Chai, this product has a new name and a new look. The soluble microground Black Chai Tea is made without sweeteners or milk products. It is pure black tea, organic spices and ginger. Add a level teaspoon to hot milk for a rich and creamy chai latte or to hot water and milk for a more traditional taste. Add your favorite sweetener and enjoy. (SRP $10.95, 4 ounces, makes 30 servings)

Chai Recipe Crosses Continents
When Bipin Patel’s grandmother moved to Uganda from her native Gujarat in India to raise her family, she brought along her treasured chai recipe. During Patel’s childhood in eastern Africa, he learned to cook native Indian cuisine from his grandmother and enjoyed the chai’s rich flavor. Later, he moved to England and then to Montana, where he opened Tipu’s Tiger Restaurant in 1997 and offered his grandmother’s special brew. When the chai beverage became one of the most popular items on the menu, Patel started bottling a concentrate for local cafes and restaurants. A decade later Patel sold his restaurant to focus on building his new company, Tipu’s Chai. “I see people switching from coffee to chai not only because they are looking for a healthier beverage option, but also because chai presents a more flavorful taste profile,” says Patel.
Bipin Patel

About Tipu’s Chai Company:
Founded in 2007 by Bipin Patel, Tipu’s Chai crafts unique and authentic chai products by blending high-quality Indian tea and spices. Tipu’s is committed to sourcing organic ingredients, and has received awards and accolades for its distinctive product lines, including a first place finish at the 2008 World Tea Expo. With a range of chai products including the Tipu’s Chai Now™ quick brew line, Tipu’s Chai appeals to discerning consumers looking to make a bold statement with their choice of chai. Tipu’s Chai products are sold in select cafes, restaurants and gourmet retailers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, and online at http://www.tipuschai.com For m.ore information or orders, please call 1-888-506-Chai (2424). Follow us on Twitter @Tipuschai and like us on Facebook at Tipu’s Chai.
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do you offer caffeine free mixes?

We do have one product that is decaffeinated but as you may know, that is not the same as caffeine free.
The product is
Varada at the Tipu’s Chai team

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