Back when we had the Tipu’s restaurant in Missoula, MT, this was a popular drink with the U of M college students who had to pull all night study sessions.  They would come in right around 9pm when we were closing up and order a couple of these with some samosas or jalapeno rolls.  We called it the Sultan’s Revenge because it would ruin the sleep of those who drank it.  Tipu Sultan would have loved to serve it to the English invaders!

Sultan’s Revenge

8 ounce cup of your favorite Tipu’s Chai:

Tipu’s Chai Now – Chai Tea Latte Blend: 3 rounded Tbsp dissolved in 8 ounces boiling water - (This is what we used for the sake of convenience!)
Tipu's Chai Now latte

Tipu’s Chai Now – Sweet & Spicy: 4 tsp dissolved in 4 ounces boiling water + 4 ounces creamy “milk” product

or Tipu’s Chai Now – The Simple Life: 1 tsp dissolved in 8 ounces hot milk + sweeten to taste

One or two shots of espresso coffee (pulled with a pinch of cardamom, optional)

Pulling shots

Drop the shot of espresso into the chai. 
drop the shot


Hey, this is good!

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