In 2008, our CHAI-tini recipe won a first place award in the Freestyle Mar-TEA-ni category at the World Tea Expo using our liquid concentrate.  Since then, we have improved and perfected the recipe and adapted it to use one or the other of our instant Tipu’s Chai Now™ products.  Ring in the New Year with a creamy, delicious CHAI-tini!
Makes 8 four ounce servings
Tipu’s Chai Now™ Sweet & Spicy (or The Simple Life)
Half & Half
Meyer’s Dark Rum or Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

In a one quart jar add 5 Tablespoons of Sweet & Spicy (or 4 teaspoons of The Simple Life plus 4 tablespoons sugar or other sweetener),  2 cups hot water.  Shake well.  Fill jar with cold water.
In cocktail shaker add 21 ounces of the well shaken concentrate from above, 7 ounces Half & Half, 3.5 ounces rum and 7 tsp sugar.  Add ice and shake well.

Pour over ice.  Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top, a sprig of mint and a cinnamon stick.  Rim the glass with cinnamon sugar.

For an ice cream Chaitini, put the concentrate, rum and sugar in a blender with 2 big scoops vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth. 

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