Tipu’s Chai Tea Latte blends Assam Indian tea with organic spices and non-GMO soy powder for a cup of
instant creamy chai goodness on the go.

Note: Tipu’s Chai Now will be part of the Montana Department of Agriculture’s Booth # 1384 at Natural Products Expo West. Stop by for a sip of chai goodness!

Tipu’s Chai, the Montana-based company offering a bold and refreshing alternative to coffee, tea and American chai, is spreading spiced goodness across the country with the launch of its newest product line: Tipu’s Chai Now™. The new instant beverage, a Chai Tea Latte blend, is made with high quality black Indian tea, organic spices, organic cane juice and organic, non-GMO soy milk powder. Tipu’s founder and president, Bipin Patel uses a traditional blend of chai spices for all his products based on his grandmother’s recipe, which traveled with him from Uganda to England and then finally to Missoula, Montana.

“We were inspired to create the new instant product after talking to our customers who wanted our authentic chai flavor without the long brewing process,” said Patel. “We use organic and non-GMO ingredients to make the quick brew Chai Now product a healthy and natural beverage option. Our organic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom add to the healthful benefits already found in the Indian Assam black tea we use.”

Tipu’s Chai Now makes drinking authentic Indian chai easy and convenient and since it is cold water soluble, it even makes a refreshing iced latte drink by adding six ounces of cold water and ice. Tipu’s Chai Now is available in 12-ounce bags with a suggested retail price of $10.95 and a larger 3.75-pound bag for $36.95, which is perfect for food service.

Family Recipe Uses All-Natural Ingredients
When Bipin Patel’s grandmother moved to Uganda from her native Gujarat, India to raise her family, she brought along her treasured chai recipe. During Patel’s childhood in eastern Africa, he learned to cook native Indian cuisine from his grandmother and enjoy the chai’s rich flavor. Later, he moved to England and then to Montana, where he opened Tipu’s Tiger Restaurant in 1997 and offered his grandmother’s special brew. When the chai beverage became one of the most popular items on the menu, Patel started bottling a concentrate for local cafes and restaurants. A decade later Patel sold his restaurant to focus on building his new company, Tipu’s Chai. With other chai products including liquid concentrates, slow brews and the new Tipu’s Chai Now line, Tipu’s Chai is available on the company’s website and in cafes and retailers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

Chai Goodness in a Cup
Tipu’s Chai Now is vegan, dairy and gluten-free, certified Kosher and includes four grams of protein per serving. “Tipu’s chai spices are specially blended in-house from pure spices to create a rich and robust flavor that stands up alongside our strong black tea,” says Patel.
“I see people switching from coffee to chai not only because they are looking for a healthier beverage option, but because chai presents a more flavorful taste profile than coffee.”

When visualizing the new Tipu’s Chai Now packaging concept, Patel once again teamed up with Montana-based design expert Spider McKnight of Six Pony Hitch. “The packaging for the Chai Now line is bold, just like the product itself,” says McKnight. “The tea cup on the front of the package signifies the quick brew aspect of the product line since no teapot is needed to prepare the new Chai Tea Latte; simply add water, stir and go.” Six Pony Hitch also designed the Tipu’s Chai website and product brochures.

About Tipu’s Chai Company:
Founded in 2007 by Bipin Patel, Tipu’s Chai crafts unique and authentic chai products with a blend of high quality Indian tea and spices. Tipu’s is committed to sourcing organic ingredients, and has received awards and accolades for its distinctive product lines, including a first place finish at the 2008 World Tea Expo. With a range of chai products including liquid concentrates, slow brews and the newest Tipu’s Chai Now quick brew line with both Chai Tea Latte and Black Chai Tea, Tipu’s Chai appeals to discerning consumers looking to make a bold statement with their choice of chai. Tipu’s Chai products are sold in select cafes, restaurants and gourmet retailers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, as well as online at For more information, call 1-888-506-Chai. Follow us on Twitter @Tipuschai and like us on Facebook at Tipu’s Chai.

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