Imbibe Cover Nov/Dec 2012 uncorked

Imbibe Magazine November/December 2012
Page 14 uncorked; What We’re Drinking Now
Imbibe Sips: Tipu’s Chai Now

Instant gratification doesn’t always pay off, but when it does, it can be worth noting, especially during the busy holiday season when every minute counts.  Enter Tipu’s Chai Now - a finely ground mix of black tea leaves, powdered soy milk, evaporated cane juice and wintry spices.  Created by Montana-based restauranteur Bipin Patel (who left the restaurant biz to keep up with growing demand for his chai), this warm and soothing chai tea (and did we mention it’s certified Kosher and organic?) simply requires a dose of hot water and a strong stir - instant gratification indeed. $11,

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