Hot Apple "Chai"-der

We’ll state the obvious.  Autumn is apple time.


Apples are those quintessentially crunchy orbs of flavor that hold memories of the crisp days and woodsmoke sweet nights of October. 
And apple cider is its essence pressed into nectar.  How could anything improve perfection?

Anyone who has appreciated an apple pie with its blend of spices like cinnamon, allspice and clove might appreciate how the spices boost and enhance the apple flavor… not to mention the smell as it’s baking!
And anyone who has warmed their cider on a woodstove to enjoy after hiking in the fresh air will appreciate how comforting it is.

Hence, “Chai”-der is born.  The spices of chai make a perfect complement to warm apple cider. 
Add a touch of honey and maybe a splash of rum, brandy or whiskey in the right circumstances and you’ll wrap your hands around a warm mug of autumn.

chai-der mug

Make it by the cup or put the ingredients into a crockpot to serve at a party or hayride. 


Be sure to taste it and adjust the quantities to your own taste.  Consensus here was that the basic recipe was delicious and the aroma made their eyes roll back in their heads. 
But everyone would have made some slight adjustment to their own taste.

So use our recipe as approximate, make your own adjustments and ENJOY!

Hot Apple “Chai”-der

8 ounces fresh apple cider (local and organic if possible!)

¾ to 1 tsp Tipu’s Chai Now® – The Simple Life

1 tsp honey (also local and organic)

Heat all ingredients together in microwave or on a stovetop.
Garnish with a cinnamon stick .

Chai-der ingredients

For larger quantities:

1 gallon of cider

8 tsp Tipu’s Chai Now® – The Simple Life

8 tsp honey

Add rum, brandy or whiskey for added excitement.


Thanks to Whitney Cantlon for the photos of the “Chai”-der

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