Hello. I am a physician in Missoula who has had to retire because of developing cancer. I have been on chemo for about six years. The frequency has decreased so I only get it three times a year. BUT, each time the side effects are difficult. This last Christmas, my daughter, a medical student at OHSU in Portland, gave me a 1/2 gallon bottle of your Tipu Chai. I drank that for my January treatment, and now I am enjoying a second supply for this chemo. I have not found anything like it for easing the stomach symptoms and giving a lift to my energy. I came to your web site to thank you for your product and knowing that you are a local company, but low and behold, your list of distributors are not only national but international!!
So now there is the additional pleasure of seeing a local company with such success. My chemo has no end in sight so keep up the perfect chai. P.S. You can use my testimonial for advertisement.

Gary Walter MD

  • Posted by Varada


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