“A delicious and intensely-spiced Masala Chai with all the convenience of an instant powder… There is a big, bold, spicy flavor in just the slightest pinch of this blend. For anyone who complains about other Masala Chai blends that are not spicy enough, I implore you to give Tipu’s a whirl”. – Dan 8.5 out of 10

“It is leaps and bounds above any other instant I’ve had, and it’s flavorful enough to satisfy. I’ll bring it to work, I’ll drink it on days I’m feeling lazy or I’m in a hurry. I thought good chai couldn’t be easy, and Tipu’s has proved me wrong.” – Katie 9 out of 10

” First of all, this powdered tea mix from Tipu’s gets my vote for easiest preparation…This is an intensely flavorful chai… Highly recommended.” – Lynn 9.5 of 10

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