Tipu’s team is made up of a collection of tea-lovers passionate about bringing the most authentic tasting chai to your cup. Meet a few of the faces behind the chai.

Bipin Patel, President, Founder

As the face of Tipu’s and the keeper of the family recipe, Bipin is the lead sales person. He is often on the road doing product demonstrations and serving delightful samples of chai at shows and our many locations throughout the country. You will never see Bipin without a smile on his face. Our chai has been known to have this side effect.

Mark Lannen, Lead Account Manager

You might call Mark our resident Chai Slinger. Mark works with accounts, food service and specialty/natural food retail outlets, as well as brokers and distributors. He is the guy to contact if you are looking to spread the chai love.

Varada Veum, Accounting, Customer Service

Always the pleasant voice on the phone, Varada processes orders and handles accounts and invoicing. Whether you are looking to place an order or want to know whether The Simple Life or Sweet & Spicy is right for you, she’ll be happy to assist.