“Passed from my grandmother to my mother to me, this recipe has traveled a long way from India, to Africa, England, Montana and now to your very own cup” - Bipin Patel, founder.

Tipu’s ® Chai was originally served in a popular Indian restaurant founded by Bipin Patel in Missoula, Montana, in 1997. Bipin’s authentic Indian chai was in high demand and quickly became a favorite menu item. Before long, he started selling it to other restaurants, local businesses and coffee shops. Then, in 2007, Bipin sold the restaurant to focus his efforts on sharing his grandmother’s special recipe with the world.

Today, Tipu’s ® Chai stands apart as a fresh, bold alternative to coffee, tea, and American chai. We blend our own mix of organic spices and high quality Indian tea to create a comforting balance of spiciness and depth. Tipu’s uses only the highest quality natural ingredients—never any chemical additives or artificial flavorings. Our facility is certified for both Kosher and Organic production.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we introduced our Microground Instant Black Chai in 2010. This blend of tea and spices allows us to ship lighter, more efficient packages rather than heavy bottles filled with liquid concentrate. We’ve continued this effort and developed a full quick brew line, Tipu’s Chai Now®, with three delicious blends:

Unsweetened Black Chai Tea:
The Simple Life (add water+ milk+ sugar)
Formerly Microground Instant Black Chai.

Sweetened Chai Tea Blend:
Sweet & Spicy (add water+ milk)

Chai Tea Latte Blend:
All You Need is Water (and love).

Bipin’s grandmother’s recipe continues to deliver happiness in every cup and we look forward to exploring new ways to share it with you as we write the next chapters in our Tipu’s ChaiStory!